About us

Our story

Miral Deco is a family affair stretching back to 1995 and we have always been guided by the same on-going aspiration: to create original products that not only inspire new trends, but also offer new interpretations of yesteryear’s furniture, combining past and present in sagacious harmony. With almost 1000 original creations in its portfolio, Miral Deco’s clientele now includes a wide variety of stakeholders in the furnishing and decorating sector: specialty boutiques, major furniture brands, architects and hoteliers the world over.

Our expertise

All of our products are crafted in Europe using semi-artisanal manufacture by highly-qualified professionals who are well-versed in all production techniques, including cabinet-making, ironwork and finishing. The painting, waxing and creation of vintage patinas are all performed by hand using natural products. With our artisans entirely at your service, you can personalise your order, choosing whichever finish, measurements or motifs take your fancy.

Our workshops

Our wealth of expertise, as a designer-manufacturer and distributor, means that our creations can be developed in Marseilles, in our own artisanal studios. It is then our European partners who, mindful that our priority is consistent quality, manufacture our products. We pay particular attention to the selection of materials (fir, oak, pine, birch, teak, MDF, cast iron, wrought iron, resin and glass), the choice of hand-finished patinas available in 15 hues, the options for achieving a vintage look, as well as the selection of metal components, so that you can fully customise any Miral Deco product.

As a natural corollary to our vast experience in design, our expertise in decorating has also grown over time. Our clients should not hesitate to contact us for a consultation regarding their projects: – whether in France or abroad, an individual appointment will enable our consultants to consider all of your ideas and requirements so as to offer you bespoke solutions, all carefully designed and calculated down to the finest detail. Feasibility, project oversight, guaranteed outcome: we take care of everything for you, every step of the way.